Name: Open Enterprise Magazine
(monthly publication)
Date of Launch: November 11, 2003
Circulation: 14,000
Format/Page: A4-size trimmed/112 pages total
Price: 1,260 yen (1,200 yen before tax)
Distribution: Controlled Circulation, Direct Sales,
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Sun K.K. Channel & Partner

With the drastic change in social and economic climate facing today's business comes the new role of information technology (IT). IT is no longer just the cornerstone of business management and expansion, but today it has evolved to be the resource to restructure conventional system and generate new values to companies.

In this current difficult situation, business success relies heavily on the strategic and versatile deployment of information systems. Thus, open systems become vital as they enable companies to design their own future and set technology agenda without being subject to particular system and/or product constraints.

There were technology-focused publications in the past that dealt with the same issues, but they were written for IS professionals and engineers.

Newly-launched "Open Enterprise Magazine" examines open enterprise computing from a technology solution standpoint and sets its primary target on decision-makers who develop IT strategy and build, implement and manage information systems for their companies and organizations.

In order to lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and to improve ROI (Return on Investment), today's companies and organizations are working hard to build the IT infrastructure that allows for quick and versatile adaptation to the changes in market and business environment. However, given today's rapid advancements in information and communications technology, it is impossible to design such IT systems with a single-vendor product or service. That is why selecting the best and right solution from a range of multiple-vendor open systems products and services is absolutely essential.

If a company or organization wants to leverage an IT system based on their own metrics and strategy, the answer is open systems because open systems have no vendor-specific product and/or technology constraints. And, this is especially true when there is a drastic change in the corporate landscape and more pressure to control IT spending.

"Open Enterprise Magazine" delivers information to its readers as a guide to planning IT strategies and deploying IT systems for today and tomorrow, and also provides companies and organizations with IT-related information crucial to decision-making.

Helps decision-makers design, develop and evaluate IT strategy
Open Enterprise Magazine delivers analysis on technology and market trends, issues and future perspectives on IT-related markets/industries, and provides IT executives with useful insights on developing and driving IT strategy for their companies and organizations.

Provides in-depth analysis on IT market and industry's emerging, cutting-edge technologies and examine the value and impact
Open Enterprise Magazine delivers insight into corporate vision, strategy and market/technology trends behind latest products, services and technologies, and examines the value and benefit of products and technologies from a solution standpoint.

Delivers valuable information for sound selection and implementation of IT-related technologies
Open Enterprise Magazine measures the effect and value that new technologies and products bring to market and society. Also, it provides end-users with the guidelines on how to select right technology, product and service that can be leveraged over a period of time.

Provides accurate information on IT vendors' products, services and solutions
From the end-user's perspective, Open Enterprise Magazine delivers in-depth coverage of IT products and related technologies. Not only does it complement the news, but it provides detailed reports and reviews with accuracy.

Open Enterprise Magazine focuses on the needs of IT executives and project leaders involved in evaluation, examination, purchase decisions, implementation of IT products/services and related technologies for their companies and organizations.

- Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

- IS/IT Managers

- Corporate and Business Managers/Leaders

- Business Development and Planning Managers/Leaders

Enterprise & Industry
Based on the vendors' vision, strategy and direction along with technology and market updates, Open Enterprise Magazine brings accurate reports on the features and advantages of open systems products, services and solutions designed for IT systems user companies.

Government & Public
Japan's national/local governments and public offices are working toward the projects called "e-Japan," e-government and e-municipality. Open Enterprise Magazine examines those IT deployment efforts and the work in progress and also provides in-depth analysis on how they affect the society and the economy.

Education & Research
Open Enterprise Magazine features latest news on how the Web and IT is being leveraged in a classroom situation or school operations, as in the case of Web and Internet-based education system, e-learning and industry-academic-government projects. It also presents IT-related projects led by universities and research institutions.

Society & Economy
Open Enterprise Magazine provides analysis on consumer adoption and on market penetration of emerging IT technologies and examines IT and community activities as well as the impact of IT deployment on social life and economic activities today and tomorrow.

News Analysis
Reports both IT and communications related news from an unique perspective.

Topics to keep an eye on in IT-related events, industry and market.

Trend Watch
Insight on IT market and technology trends and examines what other companies are up to.

Introduction of emerging and advanced technologies with the detailed information, market position and market impact.

System & Software
A thorough look at the functions and features of hardware/software platforms, including technical analysis.

Market Data
Analysis on market survey results and statistics released by research firms, industry groups, associations and government agencies for a better understanding.

Vision & Strategy
Based on independently obtained comments from vendors, the section presents the corporate vision and strategy behind the release of new technologies, products and solutions and corporate activities including structural change and business alliance.

Showcase & Case Study
Based on the actual implementation of IT infrastructure in companies and organizations, "Showcase & Case Study" offers practical guide used by other companies and system integrators to selecting, deploying, measuring and evaluating the implementation of technologies and products from a solution standpoint.

Product & Service
Reviews on new products and solutions, with their positioning and impact on industry and market.

Columns by writers who are well-versed in IT industry.